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Unlock Your Entrepreneurial Formula with Everything DiSC and Disrupt The Impossible!

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Written by Shana O'Conners


As an entrepreneur, we are continuously seeking the formula to enhance our leadership skills, communication, and overall business acumen—I learned the secret to achieving these skills lies in self-discovery and understanding other individuals.

Let me introduce myself; hi, I am Shana O'Conners, the founder of Disrupt The Impossible, a certified coach, Everything DiSC, and meditation practitioner.

In this blog post, I'll discuss how taking an Everything DiSC assessment and coaching insight from Disrupt The Impossible can help you reach new heights while unlocking your hidden entrepreneurial skills.

Let me start by giving you a high-level overview of Everything DiSC.

Everything DiSC is a powerful personality assessment tool designed to help you understand your own behavior patterns, communication styles, tendencies, and preferences, as well as those of other individuals.

Everything DiSC evaluates your personality across four quadrants. The styles are listed below;

  • Dominance (D)- Dominance, assertive, goal-oriented, and decisive.

  • Influence (i)- Influence, outgoing, optimistic, and relationship-oriented.

  • Steadiness (S)- Steadiness, patience, reliability, and collaborative.

  • Conscientiousness (C)- Conscientiousness, analytical, detail-oriented, and quality-focused.

This assessment will provide you with a comprehensive report that you can use to adapt your actions and interactions to achieve more promising outcomes.

Can you guess what your DiSC style is?

Which style resonates with you the most?

Let me share my DiSC style with you. Sharing is caring!

I am an Influence (i) style; as you see, the influence style is Outgoing, Enthusiastic, and Positive Disruptor; I get excited about new possibilities and appreciate collaboration, building new relationships, and meeting new people.

My profile has also provided me with opportunities that I can work on to elevate my professional and personal development. This gave me confidence and a roadmap that helped me create great connections, step out on faith, and allowed me to disrupt what I thought was impossible when I started my business.

Every Entrepreneur should take an Everything DiSC Assessment; it will give you secret advantages by...

1. Enhancing self-awareness: Everything DiSC assessments provide entrepreneurs with valuable insights into their strengths and weaknesses, as well as areas where they may need to adapt their behavior. This heightened self-awareness can help you make better decisions, manage stress, and communicate more effectively with your team.

2. Improved communication and collaboration: Understanding your DiSC profile can help you adapt your communication style to better connect with team members, investors, and clients. By recognizing the preferences and styles of others, you can tailor your approach to foster better collaboration and teamwork.

3. Conflict resolution: Conflict is inevitable in any organization, but how you handle it can make all the difference. Everything DiSC assessments equip entrepreneurs with strategies to address conflict effectively and constructively, leading to stronger relationships and a more harmonious work environment.

4. Increased productivity: When you know your own working style and the styles of others, you can delegate tasks more efficiently; maybe think about hiring that assistant you were considering and not do it all work yourself. You will maximize your team's strengths, and minimize weaknesses, ultimately improving productivity.

Partnering with Disrupt The Impossible Coaching and Consulting is another secret advantage.

Disrupt The Impossible is a coaching and consulting company specializing in helping entrepreneurs reinvent their mindsets and leverage the power of Everything DiSC to achieve their goals. Here are a few reasons to consider working with Disrupt The Impossible.

1. Expert guidance: Disrupt The Impossible's certified Everything DiSC practitioner and professional coaching will provide a fresh perspective and personalized coaching to help you understand and apply your DiSC assessment results to your entrepreneurial journey.

2. Customized coaching: Disrupt The Impossible offers tailored coaching sessions to address your unique needs and challenges as an entrepreneur. We can help you develop actionable strategies to improve your leadership, communication, accountability, and business skills.

3. Long-term support: Disrupt The Impossible understands that professional development and advancement are continuous processes. Our coaching services can provide constant support as you implement changes and encounter new challenges in your entrepreneurial and or personal journey.

One in six entrepreneurs turns to a coach to improve their performance. (Forbes)

According to the International Coaching Federation (ICF), 86% of organizations saw an ROI on their Coaching engagements, and 96% of those who had an Executive Coach said they would repeat the process again. Behind these results were tangible as well as intangible factors. This illustrates the potential benefits of working with a coaching and consulting company like Disrupt The Impossible.

As an entrepreneur, we are always looking for ways to elevate, enhance and develop. Taking an Everything DiSC assessment, paired with coaching from Disrupt The Impossible, can give you the insights, self-awareness, and support you need to become a more influential and effective leader.

So unlock your full entrepreneurial potential and contact Disrupt The Impossible today to schedule your Everything DiSC assessment.

Leave a comment and let me know what your DiSC style is. Or which style resonates with you the most?

It's never too late ⏰ to live the life you deserve or start the business you are dreaming about! Click the link in my Bio to schedule a complimentary Discovery Session; let's start the conversation 💬.

Remember, you have the power to Disrupt The Impossible and make the life you envisioned possible.

I wish you Blessings, Peace, Light, Love & Success!

Welcome, I'm Shana, the founder of Disrupt The Impossible LLC. I am based in Chicago, IL, and have over 20 years of experience in the corporate world. I am Certified Coaching Professional, Everything DiSC and Meditation Practitioner, Business consulting, and Podcaster. My passion is assisting my clients in living life to their fullest potential by becoming the best version of themselves. I specialize in reinvention, goal setting, meditation, culture, and inspiration.

Check out Disrupt The Impossible website to learn more about the company and me.

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Great post! I appreciate how you shared your DiSC style. I feel I need to redo mine.

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