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My name is Shana O'Conners

My philosophy

I believe everyone on this earth has been given a gift, a passion, and a talent. 

Yet, sometimes, we may not realize what it is, and we may need assistance to elevate and bring out our powerful elements to the surface so that we can live the life we love and envision.

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About Me.

Welcome, I'm Shana O'Conners, a Master Certified Coaching Professional and the founder of Disrupt The Impossible LLC. I am based in Chicago, IL, and have over 20 years of experience in the corporate world.


As a former corporate coach, experienced and passionate senior marketing professional, and Employee and Business Employee Resource Group leader, I have a proven track record of success. I have demonstrated the ability to develop effective organizational practices and lead successful employee resource groups and DEI initiatives.

My expertise lies in my ability to collaborate effectively across all levels of the organization and my enthusiasm for creating value. I specialize in accountability, goal achievement, and self-care using a holistic approach by refocusing the mindset through meditation, mindfulness, and positive support for my clients.


In addition to being a Master Certified Coaching Professional, I am a Certified Everything DiSC and Meditation Practitioner and a Podcaster. My passion for assisting my clients in living life to the fullest and becoming the best version of themselves by amplifying the elements in their life is what drives me every day.


I believe that we are all placed on this earth for self-growth, love, elevation, support, happiness, and purpose. As a mother of two, I understand the importance of finding balance in life, and I am passionate about assisting my clients in finding that balance.

Thank you for visiting my website, and I look forward to working with you and assisting you in achieving your goals and living the life you envision.


Become Unstoppable: Reach Out to Us at Disrupt The Impossible

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